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About Our Vision

A Vision for the Family

We believe in establishing a church that focuses on building strong and healthy families. We desire to create an atmosphere for families can grow first in their relationship with God and with each other. Eph. 1:5, Prov. 12:7, Psalms 103:17. We minister to the whole family; Children, Youth, Single Adults, Married Couples and Seniors.

A Vision for a Multi-Cultural Impact

We believe the church should be a place where people from all cultures, regardless of social economic or generational backgrounds, should be ministered to and worship together. We strive to be sensitive in whomever God brings. Isaiah 41:19,20; 43:5,6; 54:11,12; Matt 13:47; Rev. 5:9,10. We desire to represent the nations in everything that we do i.e. in our worship, our leadership, and our attitude.

A Vision for Missions

We are committed to address regional issues and be a conduit of blessing as we address the concerns around the world through missions, global partnerships, and volunteering. John 4:4, Matt 25:35, Luke 10:33, Lev 19:34, Psalms 146:9. We desire to address the needs of our community in feeding the homeless, a resource center to local schools, as well as educating our brothers and sisters abroad (Fire over Africa) and sponsoring refugees.

A Vision for an Equipping Center

We are committed to establishing an equipping center for leaders to be trained in their ministry and commissioned to extend the Kingdom of God. Exodus 18:25; 2 Timothy 2:2; 1 Cor. 12; Matt. 20:1-6. We desire a school of ministry to train ministers to effectively minister the word of God and walk in their purpose to first extend the Kingdom of God and then the influence of the vision that God has given Crossroads Christian Center.

A Vision for Missions

We are committed to setting the captives free, by the blood of Jesus, through the ministry of Deliverance from all addictions, habits, and demonic influences. Isaiah 61:1-4. We desire to equip teams in the body that will flow in the ministry of Deliverance to set God’s people free that are bound by Satan.

A Vision for Apostolic Influence

We believe in establishing a church that will minister prophetically and apostolically to help edify the Body of Christ. 2 CO 12:12, 1 CO 16:1, 1 CO 4:15. We desire to give direction, prophetic counsel, and spiritual oversight, equip, and train God’s leaders in the body of Christ to fulfill the call of the New Testament church.

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Join us Sunday at 10:00am MST on You Tube and in person. Community Groups are Wednesday in person at 6:30pm MST.